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The registration fee to enroll to the Seminar is 325,00 Euro

The registration fee to enroll to the PTP is 1500,00 Euro



A discount of 75.00 euro is offered for those who register and pay the fee no later than February 24th, 2020; the amount to be paid will be 250.00 euro.


20-percent “Early Enrolment Discount” for those who complete their enrolment and pay their fee no later than 24th March 2020. The amount to be paid will be 1200.00 euro.


For those who will enroll in both the Seminar and the PTP "Professional Training Program" not later that February 24th, 2020 there is an additional discount of 100,00 Euro. The net fee for both enrollments will be 1.350,00 Euro.

For further information: info@crea-studio.org and info@dominiquedefazio.it

I wish to participate in the PTP - Professional Training Program  with Dominique De Fazio.”

I understand that, before entering the seminar, I shall be presented with the “Rules & Principles” that include the rules of conduct established for all participants and members of CREA STUDIO Associazione Culturale for all the programs, courses, and seminars sponsored by the association.”

I understand that before beginning to participate in the seminar, I must sign an agreement to abide by the ‘Rules & Principles’ and to sign  a ‘Release of Liability’.”

I accept that I must already be, or become, a member of two separate cultural associations in order to participate in the seminars or other activities to be conducted by DOMINIQUE DE FAZIO in Rome for the 2018-2019 season: CREA STUDIO Associazione Culturale (the organization that officially sponsors the teaching of De Fazio in Europe);  and, ARGÔT STUDIO (the organization hosting the seminars of DE FAZIO in Rome) and TEATRO STUDIO FRIGIA 5 (the organization hosting the seminars of DE FAZIO in Milan).”

I understand that before I become a member of CREA STUDIO, I shall have the opportunity to read Article 2 of its Founding Charter (a copy of the entire Founding Charter will be made available upon request).”

I understand that the minimum membership fee to be considered an ‘Ordinary Member’ of CREA STUDIO for the 2019-2020 season is 25,00 Euro to be paid directly to CREA STUDIO Associazione Culturaleand that the minimum membership fee requested by Teatro Argôt Studio is 5,00Euro to be paid directly to Argôt Studio in Rome.  I further understand that I can become a member of both associations and pay the fees the first day of my participation, before I enter the seminar."


No reimbursement.


Once your Enrolment Form has been received, you will be sent indications on how to effect your payment for the seminar.

By clicking ‘SEND’, I confirm that I have read, understood this entire Enrolment Form, including the Refund Policy, and do accept the rules and conditions for enrolment herewith established.” 
For more information please, call:

CREA STUDIO at +39 328 473 6305 within the following scheduled hours/days:

Tuesday and Thursday, from 10,00 to 13,00, Saturday from 16,00 to 19,00

Otherwise, please email us at info@dominiquedefazio.it to schedule a phone call in different time/hours.

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